This is why Midt Factoring is the right choice

Closeness and short decision path

Factoring is our core competence and primary business area. We do not spread over a large number of financial products, but have full focus on factoring, where we have profound knowledge of all aspects of this area.

We focus determinedly on long-term cooperative relationships, which are based on trust, closeness and broad professional competence. As a client, you will have a designated contact person who via – often daily – dialogue builds up a close knowledge of you, your company and your customers. This ensures both peace of mind, flexibility and continuity.

At the same time, we have a flat organization with very short decision path. This means that you can always get a quick answer when important decisions are to be made.

Independent and neutral business partner

Midt Factoring is a completely independent and self-standing financial company and not a part of other Danish financial groups.

Regardless of which bank you work with, you can also work together with Midt Factoring. Factoring is a supplement to traditional banking business, and by working together with Midt Factoring you achieve even more diversification in your financial sources.

When you use both a traditional bank and Midt Factoring, you achieve a healthy balance in your financing sources.

Factoring is easy and uncomplicated

When you have sent the invoice information to us, we take over the rest until you customer has paid. It gives you major administrative savings.

All communication and exchange of data concerning debtors takes place electronically via our portal MF Online, which by many is considered the most user-friendly system in this area. Here you can always find updated information about your debtors, just as you can always follow the distribution of and movements in your debtor portfolio.

Do you not lose touch with your customers?

We are often asked if factoring is not a distracting element in the working relationship between company and customer. In fact, the reality is the opposite: the customer relations are not disturbed by discussions about payment procedures and negotiations concerning credit periods. It is the business of Midt Factoring to make the customer relations go smoothly, and the ongoing dialogue with our clients always keep the company up to date on its customers.

Factoring signals "organised"

From time to time, we run into the prejudice that factoring is only for ailing companies and that the company’s customers therefore will be skeptical if their supplier starts up a working relationship with us.

Nothing is more wrong!

Modern companies focus on the core services which they do best, and outsource the remaining part to other specialists. This also applies to accounts receivable and debtor financing / invoice discounting which is a completely natural supplement to a bank overdraft facility. When you use factoring, you signal at the same time that you have a modern approach to financing and continuously optimize the running of the company.


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