Competitive liquidity

Tailor-made solutions are our specialty

There are not two companies that are completely alike, and therefore the requirements are also very different. Midt Factoring specializes in tailoring a solution, which is exactly adjusted to your requirements.

Our specialty is total solutions, where you outsource the entire debtor administration and thereby place the entire responsibility for this area with us. However, we can also handle some of your debtor tasks while you handle the remaining part. In such cases, you will typically handle most of the administrative tasks, while Midt Factoring handles the debtor financing.

It costs less than you think

Normally, it will not be more expensive to outsource the debtor accounts to us than to solve the tasks yourself internally in the company! This is because we are specialists in this area and have developed IT systems and procedures, which make the work more efficient. Furthermore, we ensure that the accounts department is fully functional regardless of illness or holidays, and we follow up on your debtors continuously.

The price depends on conditions and composition: e.g. annual number of invoices, number of debtors, wishes for follow-up procedures, application of invoice distribution, risk protection etc. etc.

As part of a large international financial group, we have direct access to the capital market worldwide and therefore we have the possibility to provide liquidity at very competitive terms – e.g. compared to a bank overdraft facility. At the same time, we can offer attractive solutions within risk protection and currency hedging.


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